Things I’m In Like With: Christmas Eve 2016 Edition

Life on the Lane | December 24, 2016 | By

guys. i just can’t. yesterday, due to my ridiculously firm commitment to procrastinate on EVERYTHING in my life, i was busy from 5:30 AM until late in the evening (aka after 9 PM). i know, right?! i’m a hot mess. i’ve accepted it. it’s fine. but today, as Lane and I are heading to the in-laws for an 80 degree Christmas (i love it. cold weather- not my thing) i want to share with you all the things i’m in like with lately. because that is a totally acceptable emotional response to things (and people) in your life:

  • the crown. how good is the crown on netflix? i keep googling to find out how accurate it is and i don’t know if wikipedia is taking its cue from the episodes or if the show is just legitimately that accurate (or some combo of the two) but i am in british-history-lovers heaven. next-up on the to-watch list: medici.
  • not listening to christmas music. weird, right? i don’t know why but this year i just have not been in the mood for christmas music. at all. am i sick? i’m not sure, but i’m pretty sure i need to webmd this. it could be serious/fatal.
  • summery drinks. maybe this is a side effect to the whole not liking christmas music right now, but i am way into summer drinks. i don’t really go outside all that much so i guess part of the problem is i have no idea that it is negative 500 degrees out right now. its a balmy 73 in the house and i just want a beerita darn it.
  • snuggly cats. y’all our cats are out of control trying to snuggle us lately and i am just fine with that. also, we are that weird family that gives our pets christmas presents each year. also they may or may not have a stocking (hint: they do). shaped like a fish. actually last year i pretty much made Lane buy the cats a christmas gift because they gave him a gift (2 dvds for us to all watch together). i know. it’s amazing he still proposed and went through with the whole marriage thing. kinda makes me question his judgement.
  • our ornament tradition. each year (aka for the two years we have known each other/been together) we give each other an ornament that symbolizes something significant that happened this past year. last year i gave Lane an ornament of a s’mores snowman who was camping (there was a lot going on in this particular ornament) because Lane says he knew he wanted to date me when we split a s’more milkshake together on a trip. and i dipped my tater tots in it. best decision i ever made. because it was delicious and apparently the perfect way to hit on my hubby. who knew. and the s’mores snowman was camping because that was our first away trip together as a couple. this year i got him an ornament that says always and forever ’cause we’re married. awwww. too much.
  • eating tamales on christmas eve. technically i won’t be doing this tonight (apparently that’s not a customary thing up in Yankee-ville where Lane is from) but my hubs is so sweet he went out and got some for us to eat last night (along with copious amounts of guacamole and beeritas) while we opened our stockings. keeping traditions alive!

what are y’all’s christmas traditions?

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