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Life on the Lane | January 7, 2017 | By

Um…so it snowed yesterday. In Texas. What the what? I know people are getting crazy amounts of snow everywhere and dealing with temps in the negatives but…I’m in Texas. It should be warm here. I shouldn’t have to deal with 1 inch of snow. Even if I did get some cool photos.

I’m like a bear, in that I want to hibernate and eat all winter. I honestly don’t like to leave the house if it’s below 70 degrees outside. But the good news is that my awesome friend Beth, over at Tales from Walnut Street, came up with some great ideas to be productive while bingeing on TV. Since she wrote the post before NYE, some of them may not be relevant to this weekend (unless you want to get a really early head-start on next year’s party which may not be a bad idea), but she does have some really good suggestions so definitely check it out!

And while you are bingeing and being productive I highly recommend baking some cookies or making some snack mix. And a drink to warm you up. And some delicious soup. And some chicken tacos. Basically you need to make a grocery run before you start the hibernation and then get ready for some delicious food and a relaxing, productive weekend!

How do you enjoy a snowy weekend?

  1. Beth
    January 7, 2017

    Snow in Texas is super crazy! Woke up to -6 here in Ohio and all I’m doing is having the husband restock the wood stove all day! Thanks for including me in your fabulous blog! You’re so great! Happy day and happy snow!

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