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Hey y’all! Welcome to my corner of the interwebs. I am Kathryn and this is where I share my recipes, crafts, and general musings on life. I grew-up in the kitchen (no, seriously) and really enjoy cooking. Almost as much as I love eating. Almost. My amazing momma was a home-ec major (awesome, right?) and she taught me most everything I know. The rest I learned from reading cookbooks like novels (they have the best plots- will the chicken burn? will the soup be seasoned enough? will the cake fall??).

I have a general philosophy on food: if it has a fruit or a veggie, it’s basically a salad. Just kidding. Kind of. We try to eat healthy and stay in shape, but sometimes you just gotta have a delicious cheese and bacon filled pastry. Or a chocolate loaded bundt cake. But it’s OK because I balance it out with homegrown veggies from our garden (like kale, cabbage, and chard)-sometimes. I enjoy cooking and baking equally- baking is more of a challenge whereas cooking allows more creative expression (IMO of course!).blog11

My wonderful hubby, Lane, is my very compliant guinea pig and luckily for me, he is not a picky eater! Although we love to eat, we also like to stick to a budget, so about 95% of our ingredients are purchased from Aldi’s. What we can’t find at Aldi’s we get from Kroger, and of course some of the veggies and herbs come from our garden. We do have a grocery budget and I try really hard to stick to it.

I live in Georgia but I am originally from Texas- the best.state.ever. Lane and I live on…you guessed it: Rose Garden Lane- hence the name for my blog. We moved one month after our wedding and ended up on Rose Garden Lane by God’s awesome providence. We share our home with two adorable gray tabbies, Holly and Ivy, who are the creative directors for all our photo shoots. When I’m not making a mess in the kitchen I am usually reading, crafting, or spending time with my awesome husband (all to avoid the pile of dishes in the sink…). All the photos on the blog are taken by me and I am learning to shoot food via trial and lots and lots of error.

Random Trivia:

  • Go-to meal: Chips and salsa. I said it. It’s a meal.
  • Place I most want to visit: Austria. And yes, I will be singing the Sound of Music soundtrack while there…
  • In my fridge now: Whipped feta, a bacon tart, potato soup, about 4 dozen eggs, 4 pounds of butter, and a pomegranate salad-so it’s healthy.
  • Spirit animal: House cat. Specifically, one of my house cats because they are beyond spoiled.
  • Favorite color: Cobalt blue.
  • Kitchen item I can’t live without: Cast iron skillet.

Check out Rose Garden Lane: you can always email me at rosegardenlaneblog[at]gmail[dot]com. You can also follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest where I have lots of boards about glitter and shabby chic homes with the occasional recipe thrown in.



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